Let Your Voice Be Heard. Put Bully’s On Watch.

Bullywatch.org is a startup organization which allows victims or friends affected by bullying at school to anonymously report & expose incidents directly to principal’s and school district administrator’s.

If you are a victim of bullying or know someone who is, please report immediately.

If you’re a bully or involved in bullying, consider yourself on watch.

How This Works

  1. Find Your School
    • This platform is currently only available in San Diego County. A national rollout is planned for the summer of 2018.
  2. Complete the Incident Report
    • You may submit the report anonymously or identify yourself. Your name will not be used without your consent either way. Simply fill out victim name(s), bully name(s), date of most recent incident, description of problem and your email. Once the incident report has been submitted, it will go electronically to the principal and school board administrator office of your school and district.
  3. Submit and Be Heard
    • After submission, you will be asked to electronically verify the incident report. Action will be taken within 48 hrs no matter how serious. Your school has a zero tolerance stance on bullying.

A Note from the Founder of Bullywatch.org

Let 2018 be the year of accountability!

It’s time to change how society treats those who bully others. The tidal shift will stem collectively between children, friends, parents and school administrators. Victims and those affected by bullying will no longer shrug off this behavior or be afraid, instead they will speak up and amplify each other. Support our organization as we empower a new generation!

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Our Stance on Social Media

While we support the use of social media as a business platform, we do not support the use of social media for children under the age of 16. Read more about our position.

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Partners & Supporters

Become a partner or supporter and let your company or voice help empower others.

  • Solana Beach Karate
  • Teacher.org
  • Solana Beach School District
  • San Diego County Office of Education
  • White Dragon Martial Arts

Other Organizations on Bullying

The following is a list of other organizations which are aimed at stomping out bullying:

Look for our site launching January 2018!